• DURATION: 3 Academic years consisting of three parts I, II & III.

For admission to the B.Sc. (Hons) course, it is necessary for a student to secure 45% marks at the Intermediate or +2 level equivalent examinations (Board of Council) in the subject offered for hons study or in an allied subject as determined by the University Academic Council in case the subject was not prescribed for study at the Intermediate level.

In such case a student must have passed intermediate/Board/Council or any equivalent examination with an aggregate of 45% marks.

A candidate shall not choose (i) Mathematics unless he/she has passes the I.SC Examination or equivalent in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (ii) Physics unless he/she passed the I.SC. Examination or equivalent in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or equivalent in Chemistry and Physics with Mathematics or equivalent in Chemistry and Physics with Mathematics or Biology and (iii) Botany/ Zoology unless he/she has passed Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Moreover, the student should be declared passed by the respective Board/Council.


A candidate for B.SC (Hons) examination shall choose one Hons subject and two subsidiary subjects from the following grownups:

  1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  2. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry
  • Geology

Besides the above choice, a candidate has to choose either (a) or (b) for languages in part – I and Part – II

  • Hindi or (b) Hindi and one of the following languages.
  • Bengali, Urdu, English

A candidate for B.SC (Gen) examination (Gen.) examination shall choose three subjects from the above mentioned groups.

For details about the rules and regulation guiding the Bachelor of Science Hons/ General course please refer to courses of study published by Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag from time to time.