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From The Desk of Secretary

I Mr. Mirtunjay Sharma being a secretary of S.S College Chas, Bokaro, Jharkhand adopt the responsibility to give proper higher education to the boys and girls of Chas and chandankiyari to make their a higher class of citizen. So that they can serve the nation. As I adopt the same to it in only & only my religion. Here the students of my college are my God and Goddess. To serve them by my inner most efforts with purity awareness and hard working in my worship to my Lord myself and all of us who engages in this profession are fortunate as our Lord give us a chance to worship him by this high class of work of the nation. We should thank our Lord.

If we are not fulfill our responsibility than we are the clever thieves of this society we should always remember our Lord will not forgive us, our Lord will not give us the same responsibility again in our next life. My best love to my students and co-workers of S.S College chas, Bokaro.