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From The Desk of Principal

My Dear Visitor’s

It is really gratifying to note that S.S College, Chas, Bokaro is going to come out with its updated website. This website contains a wealth of information about various aspects of this premier institution.

It gives me immense pleasure and Joy in welcoming our new students. Since you are going to be part of this prestigious educational institution.

Here at the College we are taking care of all round personality development leading toward the excellence career by paying personal attention to every Individual student. Our teacher are successfully detecting creative possibilities dormant in our student and encouraging them to reach new height. I am sure that our students are now grown enough to realize the true spirit of education. Here, I want to point out that education is not just passing examination and receiving degrees It is at Bottom, a simultaneous development of body and mind and the true aim of education is building up of sound character.

I wish to urge our students who are reading should prepare for examination with full sincerity and honesty. I hope that student would not lose self-confidence. Here I want to point out that one may face disappointments but they are temporary. Honest efforts would finally lead to success in life. It should never be forgotten that no career, however, bright is a history of uninterrupted success. I have to say that it should be our paramount aim to determine our goal and make sincere and honest effort to achieve our aim.

I may not do things in the best way always, but no one can charge me for not trying my best for the glory of god and for his service. The leadership I lend to the entire S.S College family requires me to take many a tough calls but I plow ahead in the face off all challenge and this is what I hope to inspire in my student too.

I hope that each student success their lives, I enjoying you to keep moving ahead. Make your life matter, embody that better tomorrow that you are dreaming of. If you cannot be a sun, be star and to serve the family, to serve the society, to serve to Country.